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Our Packages

Basic - $97 /month

Perfect for the small business who just wants the occasional post to their social media page.

  • 1 Platform
  • 8x industry relevant posts per month
  • Mix of images and copy, no video/reels
  • Advise on ads & strategy


Standard - $297 /month

Our standard package is for a small business looking for a little more exposure.

  • Upto 2 Platforms
  • 10x industry relevant posts per month
  • Mix of images, copy, and upto 3 videos/reels
  • Advise on ads & strategy

Premium - $597 /month

For the businesses looking for that special touch.

  • Upto 3 Platforms
  • 12x industry relevant posts per month
  • Mix of images, copy, and upto 5 videos/reels
  • Adise on ads & strategy
  • Basic reputation management (Facebook only)
  • Basic customer engagement

Elite - $1197 /month (3 SPOTS REMAINING)

Our elite package is for businesses looking for the whole shabang! Complete management, we take over all roles in your social media strategy.

  • Any Platform
  • Upto 25 industry relevant posts per month between the different platforms
  • Mix of images, copy, and upto 10 videos/reels
  • We run your ads for you!
  • Advanced customer engagement
  • Advanced reputation management
  • Community outreach

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer some sort of trial?

We consider your first month of our Basic, Standard or Premium package a “trial basis”, so if you are not entirely satisfied, we offer a full refund. The Elite package however, due to intricacies with setup, will can only offer a 50% refund off the first month.

Can I cancel any time?

Absolutely!  We do not believe in tying anyone into an lengthy contract terms, all of our social media packages are on a month to month basis.  We just ask that you give us some notice prior to the next billing cycle to give us time we to disable the monthly recurring charge.

What is a "Social Media Management"?

A social media manager is someone who will be responsible for representing your brand online. We become your “social media managers”, by utilizing a variety of social media platforms, and ensuring that your company speaks to your customers in a unified voice. Our duties can include some or all of the following:

  1. Development of brand awareness and online reputation
  2. Copywriting
  3. Content creation
  4. Monitor social media trends
  5. Scheduling
  6. Performance reporting
  7. Customer service

We can provide your business with the guidance and expertise needed to generate the best return on your social media investment.

What does "Customer enagement" entail?

We will respond to potential and existing customers on your behalf.  

Basic: We will respond initially to private messages so that your response times wont suffer.

Advanced: We will respond to private messages, public tags, as well as send follow up private messages as needed.


What is "Reputation management"?

 This is where we will manage your reviews on Facebook (other social media platforms not supported).

Basic: We will repond to customer reviews as they come in, leaving “thank you responses”.

Advanced: We will ask for and follow up with customers for reviews, leave a “thank you” response on reviews. Work to assist you on bad reviews, implement a landing page that acts as a gate to help prevent bad reviews, giving you the chance to make it right.  Added support to include Google reviews!

What does "Community Outreach" entail?

With our community outreach we provide a multitude of ways in which we can help grow your following, organically. This is helpful for clients looking to grow their current following or starting their accounts from scratch without having to invest in ad services. Community engagement includes, but is not limited to: 

    • Weekly time spent following local companies/organizations in or around your area. 
      • This also includes following local organizations’ followers as they show interest in local businesses. 
    • Weekly time spent following competitors 
      • This also includes following some of your competitors’ followers as they are like-minded audiences. 
    • Sending “request to follow” invites when individuals interact with one or more of your accounts, but do not follow your page. 
    • Browsing “recommended” accounts to follow on both Instagram and Facebook.
    • Syncing Facebook followers with Instagram.
What is a "reel"?

Reels were introduced and created by Instagram, it is a new way to create and discover short videos directly on their platform. Videos can now be as long as 90 seconds and they give users the ability to share these videos on their own feed as well as hit a larger community on Instagram through the new explore page.

The main difference between a “story” and a “reel” is that a story is more for existing audience, where as a reel is to gain a larger one. Reels are a great way to reach more people organically, helping increase your overall number of likes, engagement and even following.

What is a "story"?

A story is considered a second feed! Stories are closely related to both Facebook and Instagram, but the biggest upside to stories is once they post, they go to the top of your follower’s feed giving you more of an opportunity for individuals to view your content. The main difference between a “story” and a “reel” is that a story is more for existing audience, where as a reel is to gain a larger one.

Do we get to approve posts before they are shared?

Yes! You will be able to review all posts prior to scheduling. This will give you the opportunity to request any changes.

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